Hirado N50 Splitter
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The splitter is used to break rock and concrete. This splitter is the N50W95A700 series which uses a feather and wedge system. It hangs from an excavator and uses the existing excavator hydraulics to push the wedge between the feathers which creates pressure.

The Rock Splitter's wedge requires a pre-drilled 4" hole that is 4.3 feet to 5 feet deep. The wedge travels 700mm or 2.3 feet into the hole. The breaking of rock or concrete will happen immediately.

N50 Specification Sheet
Hirado N50Hirado N50Hirado N50Hirado N50

Advantages of the HIRADO N50 Rock Splitter:

  • Splitter uses 21 MPa working pressure, which can be supplied by most excavators, creating a splitting pressure in excess of 2,700 tons.
  • Equipped with relief valves to help prevent too much pressure and damaging the splitter.
  • Equipped with pressure gauge for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to replace wedge and counter-wedges.
video: Hirado-Daigh back line video: View of crack from splitter

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